Upper Dwarka Expressway Affordable Housing Sector Wise- Actual Ground Report Which no Prop Tiger will Tell

1. Sec 102

ROF aalayas Phase 1

900 units. 99 percent sold out. Units only on premium. Ready to move in.

ROF aalayas Phase 2

600 units. Most sold out

Only available on premium of 4 lakh.

Presence of premium shows demand in market.


Sun City sec 102

All sold out nothing available.

2. Sec 103

Mahira homes

Inventory 750 apartments. Draw was in April 19. All 1 and 2 BHK sold out. 3 BHK some units left

.premium asked by builder is 9 lakh.

Mahira Homes

Sec 103 signature 750 units

Fully sold.

3. Zara awaas sec 104

Fully sold out 700 units.

Their 1.5 acre extension has some 3 BHK units at premium 8 lakh.

Zara Aavaas

4. Sec 105 and 106 no project as no space for affordable there.

5. Sec 107

Signature Solera 750 units

Projected completed and people staying. Now premium 10 to 12 lakh. And remember Dwarka

expressway still 18 months away. This will rise to 16 lakh after 1.5 years. So who ever took for 16 lakh

can sell for 32 lakh. Its location is 2.5 km away from Dwarka expressway. Still these are premium. So

extrapolate for better location and 4 yrs time frame. Rent is 10 to 12k here.

Signature Solera

6. Sec 108


700 units.

About 600 units sold out.

Rest builder will sell slowly on premium. Possession still 3 yrs away.


7. Sec 109

OSB expressway

It has 750 units.

All 1 BHK n 2 BHK sold out.

3 BHK 12 lakh Premium.

Very good location.


8. Sec 110 no space for affordable. No project.

9. Sec 111

 lotus housing

100 percent sold. Nothing left in premium.

1BHK and 2 BHK will double on possession next December which will coincide with Dwarka expressway


Lotus house

10. Sec 112

Zara Rossa

95 percent inventory sold. Only 4 to 5 lakh premium left for 2 BHK.

Sec 112 Pareena OM apartments

Just draw happened. Out of 720 about 500 have been sold.

Remaining available on premium of 50 k to 3 lakh depending on type of 2 BHK. It will come for

possession in March 2023.

Zara Rossa

11. Sec 113 no place for affordable. Sec 114 opposite Pareena is commercial. Sec 115 is institutional.

12. So summary 102 to 115

Gurgaon affordable housing

 unit project. 12.

Units about 9000.

Sold approx 8200.ie more than 90 percent.

Completion happening from 2020 to 2023.

13. Take away

No prop tq or prop tiger will give this detailed report. Don’t get swayed by general article of 4 lakh units

left unsold in top 9 cities. Remember u r not investing 1000 crores across these cities. Plus 4 lakh small

units translate into 10 lakh population.

14. Top 9 cities population is 7 crores.

Normal average rise pan India is 2 percent. For top 9 considering immigration of 2 percent only the

figure becomes 4 percent or 28 lakh a year. Considering 70 percent population in low income segment

which affordable segment is targeting (it would be more but being conservative) it becomes 20 lakh.

So 1 yr 20 lakh. These houses will go in 6 months.

15. In Gurgaon there will be no affordable housing society which will have any unsold flat or unoccupied flat after 3 months of possession. Simply because demand is so high.

16. Concentrate on a micro market like in shares you can still buy in some segment.

With 20 to 24 lakh investment money that will be paid over 3 yrs do not think or behave like institutional

investor who have 1000 cr to put.

Now no point buying with premium of 9 lakh.

But 50 k to 2 lakh still worth it.

Only Pareena has some inventory. Rest all sold.

Only sec 108 ROF new Project will come to house for sale in gurgaon.

After that there is nothing. Only premium on possession will be available.




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