Tips to save money for a house in one year
Buying a house is a major expense that needs a lot of planning, saving and discussion. It involves a lot of financial expenses and you really need to work for it. While taking a home loan is always an option and one needs to take a home loan to buy a house, you still need to save a major amount for the down payment. Also, the higher the down payment, the lower will be the interest rate on the EMI’s and it will be a smart deal. 
So, if you are serious about buying a house and want to save money for the same, there are certain things that you will need to carry out strategically and would need to control ion some major things. Saving for anything is never easy. Human beings are always under this constant temptation of spending on various things. Whenever you feel an urge to splurge on anything, you need to remind yourself of the purpose you are saving for. 
Also, saving for a house in one year needs a lot of dedication and determination. No one can save a big amount without being tempted to spend it elsewhere. So, the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself and get determined to save. Take a look at these following tips which will help you save for a house in one year.
  • Plan out a budget 
Before you start saving for the house, make a budget plan. Know how much you can realistically afford to buy a house and then start saving for it. Making a budget for buying a house is a very important step in saving. Also, you must take care of the fact that you stick to your budget. Don’t look for anything which is higher than your planned budget.
  • On the day one
Once you have planned to save the money for the home, it’s time to take action. Develop a system for you to save every month and follow it religiously. One of the very good methods of doing so is to take the saving amount straight from your monthly income. The first thing you should do when you get your income every month is to deposit a fixed amount set for saving for the home deposit and then spend the rest. Leaving this task for the end of the month might prove to be a failure as you may end up spending the saving amount.
  • Rent 
Look for the additional income which will further add to your saving. Renting a room or a two if available might prove to be a wonderful option for saving and this way you can even increase the amount you save every month. 
  • Cut your expenses
Well, this is the most difficult part of saving. You need to cut down on some expenses which are not too important. Try to spend less on shopping unnecessary items and try to reuse things. It is a good habit otherwise as well. 
  • Make a fixed deposit
This is another good and very effective option for saving for a house. Try to invest your money in fixed deposit and if you are lucky enough to get a good interest rate, you can save a large amount with this. Fixed deposits are always the best option for saving for any major expense or any emergency situation. 


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