Take On Tata AWHO (Army Welfare Housing Organization) Agreement

1. These projects are overpriced and construction quality not good. AWHO has found new way to continue now despite their own projects not getting completed.

2.  Rare from Tata name but sub contractors have been used. Couldn’t sell in open market hence this.

Nothing to get excited about.

3. Also Tata project in Gurgaon on Dwarka expressway is 2.2 cr. Why would you take shobha in that rate or still better Shapoorji  3 bhk flat in Gurgaon at that rate?

4. Problem is Tata housing bought land for these projects 7 to 8 years back when land prices were high.

So keeping margins the costing became high.

5. Better options at better price points available. Construction is not mivan. Normal conventional one only.

6. Time and again i have emphasized mivan construction is akin to hallmark for jewellery. Nobody buys non hall mark jewellery. In fact it’s not available since nobody makes non hallmark jewellery. Because nobody buys non hall mark.

7. Same realization will set in real estate in 3 years time where nobody will buy non mivan. It’s like when landscape being filled with electric cars then non electric will not sell close to transition. Already effects of same being felt in auto sector. That is when Govt. target is only 30 percent vehicles that too by 2030.

8. So bottom line above Tata thing is avoidable. That 15 percent discount is gimmick. No takers for their properties. Google and check Tata is getting out of housing. Have changed their top officials many times.

9. Now they have found the intelligent faujis and AWHO is providing platform for exit. AWHO has not been able to finish their own Gurgaon project for 10 years now. They should be selling it to civilians to get money and complete. Instead doing this. Any big whatsapp group can do this where people combine and buy.

Why do you require AWHO?



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