Make your home ready for the festive season
The festive season is that time of the year when we there are a lot of jovial vibes all around the corner. The energy level in almost every person you see around yourself is high. You will have a lot of guests and visitors in your home, after all, it’s a time of celebrations and celebrations aren’t meant to be done alone. Apart from sweets, celebrations, music, friends, family, relatives, rituals etc., the most important thing that will stick to your mind will be your home. Your home is your adobe.
You share all the lovely moments with your family in your home. And, during the festive season, preparing your home the right way is an important part. You don’t want to make your home looks dirty, untidy or unorganized before the guests. Also, a good festive décor and makeover to your home add a bundle of positive festive vibes and you can enjoy the festive season to the fullest. Also, before you make plans for choosing the right dress or an outfit for a festive occasion, plan out a makeover for your house and make it festive ready.
 While most of us might think that preparing your house for the festive season means extensive cleaning, this is not the complete picture. Cleaning, of course, is a major part and yes, you need to clean your house a lot during the festive season, but the aesthetics are of equal importance. Check out this list of some important things to do while prepping your house for the festive season. 
Cut the clutter 
Of course, the first and the foremost thing to do is to de-clutter your home. Throw away or discard anything and everything that you have not been using for a long time. Keeping unnecessary items in your home will simply use up more space and will make your home look more unorganized, which is definitely not a good sight. So, it’s the time that you take a look closely at those items which just lie on the shelves for no good use and take them off.   
Extensive cleaning 
Festivals in India are celebrated with a great zest and have various religious beliefs associated with them. You will carry out various religious rituals in your home and therefore, as it is said that cleanliness is next to godliness, cleaning your home extensively should be a task you must assure is done properly. Apart from the regular cleaning, you need to look at that nook and corners and tiny little spaces in your houses that you don’t clean much often. Believe us, just a little more of cleaning will give your home fresh and positive vibes. Vacuum your carpets clean the windows, fans, AC ducts, Wall paintings and anything that you can see around your house. 
Give your walls a new makeover
It’s generally a practice in India that many people follow. Painting your walls around the festive season can really help give your home a new look. The sight of cracking and peeling wall paints is obviously unappealing and so, re-painting your walls will surely make a lot of difference. Add some bright and poppy colors and your walls are festive ready. 
Now that you are done with cleaning and polishing your home, the next thing to add is the right décor. Décor is again a most important part that adds a lot of festive vibes to your home and gives it a jovial and an energetical ambience. So, pick up the right and beautiful décor and accessories for your house. While fresh flowers can add a great feel to the ambience, you can replace the old cushions, curtains, and carpets in your home. Try to use natural elements. Also, make sure that you do not over-do with the decoration. Just keep it simple and beautiful.


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