Empowering Dreams: Emaar Urban Oasis Payment Plan

At Emaar Urban Oasis, where luxury apartments redefine opulent living. Nestled within the prestigious Sector 62, it is a premium property by Emaar that blends sophistication and modernity. Our commitment to making your dream of living in a luxurious abode a reality is demonstrated through carefully designed payment plans. With the Emaar Urban Oasis Gurgaon project, owning a portion of this exquisite haven has become a tangible goal within your grasp. Embrace the epitome of prosperity in the heart of Sector 62 with Emaar Urban Oasis.

Step 1: One Small Step Towards Your Dream

Booking amount: Rs 10 lakh
We understand that every dream begins with a small step. Your journey begins with a nominal booking amount that secures your spot in the lap of luxury at Urban Oasis.

Step 2: Progress Toward Perfection Within 15 days of booking: 10% of unit price less booking amount

Your journey continues as you take another step towards realizing your dream. Within 15 days of booking, an amount equal to 10% of the unit price (excluding booking amount) shall be payable.

Step 3: Embracing the Future Within 75 days of booking: 10% of the unit price
10% of the unit value is payable within 75 days of your initial booking as you embrace the anticipation of your glorious future.

Step 4: Strengthening the Connection Within 100 days of booking: 10% of the unit price

The bond between you and your dream abode gets stronger when you pay 100% of the unit value within 10 days of your booking.

Step 5: Reaching New Heights Within 24 months or completion of roof slab of top floor, whichever is later: 30% of unit price + 50% of EDC/IDC

Your journey to the heights of luxury takes a significant stride as you pay 30% of the unit price plus 50% External Development Charges (EDC) and Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC) within 24 months or on completion . Top floor roof slab - whichever comes later.

Step 6: Build the Foundation of Luxury Within 36 months or completion of floor work for the unit, whichever is later: 15% of unit value + 50% of EDC/IDC

As your dream home takes shape, you contribute to its foundation by paying 15% of the unit price and 50% of the EDC/IDC within 36 months or on completion of the floor for the unit - whichever is later Are.

Step 7: Approaching the Finish Line On application of OC of tower: 20% of unit price

As soon as your future abode is finalized, you pay 20% of the unit value on application for the tower's Occupation Certificate (OC).

Step 8: Grand Finale On offer of possession: 5% of unit price + 100% IFMS + 100% handling charges

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived - the offer of possession. As soon as you move into the luxury abode of your dreams, you make the final payment with 5% of the unit value, 100% of the Interest Free Maintenance Security (IFMS) and 100% of the operational charges.

Your dream, our commitment

At Emaar Urban Oasis in sector 62, Emaar believes in turning dreams into reality. With carefully designed payment plans, Emaar is dedicated to ensuring that your journey to owning a luxurious abode is seamless, transparent and empowering. Your dream home is not just a dream; It is a tangible reality waiting to be embraced. Step into Urban Oasis and step into a world where accessible luxury becomes the best achievement of your life.



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