Choose the right floor for you
While buying a home is an important decision, choosing which floor is best for you is another major decision involved in it. Choosing the right floor for a living is as important as deciding the location of the house, there are several pros and cons of the ground floor as well as of the middle floors.
Buying a home, especially for the first time home buyers is major financial as well as emotional decision. Along with the financial expenses, there are a lot of emotions, hopes, and dreams attached to that home. It is a decision that one doesn’t make much often in their lives. Often it is the case that you might think of buying a home only once in your life.
Therefore, being such a crucial and important decision, every aspect of it must be judged and checked properly. You must be able to identify your comfort zone, your various needs and requirements, the suitability and other aspects. Deciding which floor is best for you is one of the major decision that you will make while buying a home. Take a look at these important aspects of each floor and decide which fits you the best.
Upper floors
There are various pros and cons associated with the upper floors. One4 of the important thing that the upper floor offers you is the privacy and uninterrupted living. Along with this, it also offers exclusive and beautiful top and a skyline view of cities. If you are a lover of such a landscape and want to enjoy such a view, you may fall for this option.
However, the prices for the top floors are generally high and you will need to pay a slightly more for that. Also, there are various health benefits, such as fresh air ventilation and sunlight. If you are an active and physically fit, you can also take stairs for availing additional health benefits.
On the upper floors, there is also less noise pollution, fewer pests and bugs and also more security. But, you will have to rely on elevators and may have to wait long for the lift, if you are an impatient person and dislikes waiting for the lift, this might not be a good option for you.
Lower floors
Just like the upper floors, lower floors also have their characteristic pros and cons. While it offers freedom of movement and is highly convenient while shifting homes of bringing in any new furniture, they are more prone to noise pollution by the pedestrians in the street.
Also, if you choose the lower floor, you will not have to wait for the elevators or taking the stairs if you want to go out. This may be a good option for the people who have a problem with climbing stairs. Therefore, they have an easy accessibility.
Also, lower floors remain cool during summer which means that you may get a slightly less electricity bill. This is one of the major benefits that lower floor offers. However, there are some cons such as lack of sunlight, lack of privacy and security concerns.
The decision lies with you. Choose what suits you the best and evaluate all the pros and cons of the upper and the lower floors carefully. For some, upper floors might make the best option, while for other, lower floors might fit the bill. It depends on your needs, requirements, and convenience.


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